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If you book a city trip to Lisbon, it is often recommended to purchase the Lisboa card. But what exactly is this card and is it worth it? 🙂 In this article I will give you my review and explain how to get the most out of it during your city trip to Lisbon.

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is the lisboa card worth the money?

Is the Lisboa Card worth the money?

The answer is simple. Yes! A big yes! 😊
I don’t think I’ve ever used a city card that offered such great value. The card is definitely worth visiting Lisbon with.

– First of all, the card is already very nice because it is easy. You don’t have to buy a ticket at the box office everywhere, that saves you a lot of time.
– In addition, you visit cool sights faster that you would otherwise pass by. Sights that you would not think of or that you would find too expensive to visit. How cool is it to discover new things?

So, YES, the Lisboa Card is worth its money. Just make sure you make a good plan in advance what you want to do with the card that day or days , so you can get the most out of it too.
But, that being said, there are several ways you can use the Lisboa card and get the most value out of it. How you do that I share with you in this article.

–> You can order the Lisboa Card here.

What is the Lisboa Card?

Let’s make sure you know all the basic facts about the Lisboa Card first. The Lisboa Card is the official tourist card that you can buy for a certain period (1, 2 or 3 days).

With the card you have:

  • Free access to a range of sights
  • You also get free public transport in Lisbon
  • Free use of tram 28 and the Santa Justa-Lift
  • Discounts at other attractions and local businesses

What does the Lisboa Card cost?

How much does the Lisboa Card cost?

For adults does the Lisboa Card cost:
24 hours: € 21
48 hours: €35
72 hours: €45

For children (4 – 15 years) the Lisboa Card costs:
24 hours: €13.50
48 hours: €21
72 hours: €23

Tip: the card is per hour. This allows you to use it, for example, from 12 o’clock in the afternoon until 12 o’clock the next day. So it’s pretty smart to calculate this properly 😏 Here you can order the Lisboa card.

And it is wise to buy the card at once for several days in a row. You can of course also buy 2 separate days, but in principle you will pay more.

Where is the best place to buy the Lisboa Card?

We recommend the card can be purchased via this website . This is a reliable website and you can choose exactly on which day you want to use the card.

How to use Lisboa 1 day card, tips

If you only use the card for one day, I recommend spending half a day in the Belém district. Here you can view and visit some of the most important Lisbon’s sights.

Be sure to visit the Tower of Belém (normally €6) and the Jerónimos Monastery (normally €10), which together are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

There are other museums nearby that are included and you should have time to see one or two. I would recommend the National Carriage Museum (normally €8). This is a museum where you can see all kinds of royal carriages. Very nice to see. You can also choose to visit the Ajuda Palace (normally €5).

The other half of the day can then be spent in the historic center of Lisbon 😊
Take a ride with tram 28 (normally €3), go up and down with the Santa Justa-Lift (normally €5 .15), travel with the Ascensor da Bica (normally €3.60) visit the Pantheon of Lisbon (normally €3) and look out over the beautiful Parca do Comércio from the Arc de Triomphe of Lisbon (normally €3) 😍

lisboa card

Public transport between these places is also free with the card, including the train to Belém. To calculate the savings, I will use the cost of an unlimited public transport card for a day, which is €6.

The cost to do all these things is €47.75. The 24-hour Lisboa Card costs only €21.

That’s a saving of €26.75 per person in just one day!

Of course it will be a busy day to do all these things, but it is possible and at least you get the most out of your card😊

–> Buy your Lisboa Card here

For how many days do you recommend the Lisboa Card?

I recommend buying the Lisboa Card for 1 or 2 days. I don’t think the card will yield that much after that. So it is not necessary to buy the card for 3 days.

Tip: You should also consider whether it is worth activating the card if one of your sightseeing days will be a Monday. Many museumsand attractions are closed on Mondays, so you may not be able to do exactly what you want. So keep this in mind 🙂

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